Hello! I'm Stephanie - a front end developer with a creative mind.


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I’m a front end developer with a background in design and organization in arts and entertainment. In my former career, I worked hand in hand with clients creating their vision. I led teams of artists, coming up with build solutions, and implementing strategic plans for how to get the work done, looking great on time. I’ve always worked with teams to create amazing user experiences via art and installations. My passion for this has led me to become a unique type of front end developer. I have technical skills with a creative mindset. I’m ready to join an innovative team to create design forward applications for users worldwide.


My key skills include:
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • Vanilla JavaScript
  • React/Angular/Vue
  • React Native
  • Responsive Design
  • MongoDB
  • Database Management/ headless CMS
  • Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator/Lightroom
  • Project Management
  • Expert on Queen songs


Multiple views showing the different pages of the Patient Telephone Supply site.

Patient Telephone Supply

Updated Patient Telephone Supply from an Expression Engine system to a decoupled architecture and headless CMS using Contentful and Next.js. Updated the design of the site to industry standard colors and made it responsive.

Computer and iPhone showing the different views of the Meetup App.


Meetup is an app connecting users with events in their area or a selected area. Meetup is a serverless, progressive web app utilizing several data visualization techniques.

AWS Lambda
Multiple view showing the different pages of the Design and a Movie app.

Design and a Movie

Design and a Movie is an app featuring the drawings of Illustrator Grant Hulbert. Each movie drawing is accompanied by information on the movie. The user can register, log in, explore the movie drawings, find out movie stats, and even add favorites to their profile.

The backend and frontend were developed from scratch. Including creating a REST API, setting up the server side including security, and developing a responsive site.

React Bootstrap
Two phone views. Main view shows the home page of the chat app. Second view shows the chat screen of the app.

Hello World Chat App

Hello World is a chat app where the user is anonymously authenticated using Google Firebase. The user can then choose their background, their display name, take a photo to send to a friend, choose an existing photo from their library, or send their location. The app allow users to access past chat logs even if they are offline.

React Native
Google Firestore
Google Firebase
Computer and iPhone showing the different views of Killer Quizzes.

Killer Quizzes

Killer Quizzes is a quiz app testing your knowledge on serial killers. Multiple quizzes are avialble to take and the results are given after completion.

NG Bootstrap
Computer and iPhone showing the different views of the Todo App.

Todo App

Todo is a simple todo app with the functionalities of adding, deleting, editing, and marking a task as complete.



Let's Work Together!

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I'm currently open for freelance.

Email: stephanielgibby@gmail.com